Airline Worker Delivered A Cancer Patient’s Lost Luggage In Personal

This is a story of a chemotherapy patient named Stacy Hurt as she was heading into Pittsburgh which is located in Pennsylvania in the United States, but unfortunately the changing of flights where it meant that her luggage has been caught a different plane & as she would be landed to her destination. Let's See what happened.

Appreciation for Good Work with Good words.



‘We are very proud of Sarah’s kind, empathetic actions that represent the best of Southwest hospitality and the legendary customer service that our wonderful employees aim to deliver every day,’ Southwest said in a statement to sources.

Southwest also gifted Hurt with a ‘swag bag’ packed with a phone charger and earbuds, among other travel necessities.


Of Rowan, the mother of two said: ‘She just epitomizes everything good. When you have cancer and you have chemo, this is the toughest thing ever.’


The two still talk on social media.


‘For her to pick up on what a difficult situation this is and put my mind at ease and make me feel comfortable and to go through what she went through to get my luggage to me, she is an amazing person.’