Amazing! 12 Surprising Uses Of Coca-Cola For Daily Stuff

We are listing 10 alternative ways to use Coca-Cola, most of which we hadn’t heard of before. It will make your life easier.

We are listing 10 alternative ways to use Coca-Cola, most of which we hadn’t heard of before. It will make your life easier.

1. Remove blood stains.


Coca-cola is often used to remove blood stains from clothes, furniture, carpet, walls and floor. It’s often used as a cleaning agent on crime scenes but that could just be a rumour.

2. Polish your pennies.



Some of you are coin collectors & you’ll know just how dirty coins can be. You can put your coins into a mug of coca-cola and leave them there for a while. When you take the coins out, they’ll look shiny and new. The coke helps get rid of deposited dirt.