Amazing! 8 Accessories Trends To Upgrade Your Style

Accessories have the power to transform outfits and take your style to extraordinary new levels. So, choosing the same pieces every day and foregoing statement shoes, bags, jewellery, sunglasses, and more could be doing your fashion-savvy self a disservice. Specifically, you need these statement accessory trends that promise to upgrade your style this season.

Bejewelled Bags


When you need something a little more unique than your standard black crossbody, you should turn to bejewelled bags. You can also use these bedazzled handbags to dress up a minimalistic outfit or take an already glamorous look to the next level.



This season’s favourite hat is the beret. The statement style, which is a departure from the fedoras and floppy brimmed hats of previous seasons, is perfect for adding a chic French touch to any outfit. The style is also more feminine and elegant than a beanie.

Hoop Earrings


These simple yet sassy earrings are one of the biggest jewellery trends of this season and are a great look to try. No matter if your personal style is elegant, sporty, punk or anything in between, hoop earrings can work for you.

Low and Pointy Pumps


The pointy toe pumps with kitten heel this season, which offer the best of both worlds, are not only elegant and stylish, but they’re also comfortable and practical. As such, little pointy pumps are perfect for roaming the streets during the day and hitting the town at night.

Mismatched Earrings


This statement accessory look stems from last season’s single earring styles, for which ladies would rock one earring and leave the other lobe free. This updated version features a different design worn on each ear for a contrasting aesthetic.

Oversized D-Frames


This season, that dominating style is oversized D-frame sunglasses. These big and bold sunglasses have been spotted everywhere during the European fashion weeks, and you’ll soon want to rock them too. Characterised by a flat top and large, ‘D’ shaped lenses, these oversized glasses make a loud statement with a cool, retro reference.

Sculptural Heels


These heels were given a sculptural makeover, saying goodbye to their traditional shapes and hello to new, unique and eye-catching silhouettes. Cylinders and abstract wave designs were just two of the statement styles that this trend saw this season.

Contrasting Toe Cap Shoes


These contrasting toe cap shoes will certainly draw eyes to your feet. The look can be found on all styles of shoes, including block heels, boots, and flats, and features a piece of leather, PU or metal covering the toe of the shoe. For a classic take on this trend, you can try a cream or beige shoe with a black toe cap.