Amazing Body Transformation Of This Middle Aged Dad Will Take Your Inspiration To The Next Level

In today's world where money is important to a man than anything, it is not easy to survive. People need to work hard day and night to earn themselves and their family ignoring their body's health needs. Not just that, even the development of today's gadgets have made humans lazier than ever, which has led to the high level of obesity in the world. This middle-aged dad is one of them, a few months back he couldn't even keep up with his sons but his amazing body transformation has shocked many people on the internet, read the article to know more...

Jeremiah started working hard relentlessly!


Jeremiah made a tough workout schedule where he went for a 45-minute hike before and after work and an hour-long weight training session each day without any cheat days or day offs. Soon he was on Instagram with his 14,500 followers asking his advice for weight loss and a healthy body!

Jeremiah managed to do the unthinkable in just 152 days!


Jeremiah, the dad of three kids lost around 82 pounds in just 152 days, imagine his level of dedication. When asked how he did it, he said, “The honest to God answer is I did the work! Each day that we are not living to our fullest potential is a waste of the precious time that we are allotted.”