Amazing Details You Did Not Know About Khloe’s Daughter ‘True’!

The Kardashians are always surrounded by controversies and drama, most of these controversies are so big that overshadow some details of things that the fans should be knowing. Khloe recently gave birth to her baby girl, how much do we know about the girl since birth? How did they decide the name? See some amazing details about baby True when you read the article...

Khloe’s dad will help her raise True!?


Khloe reveals, “There’s absolutely no way I could pick just one parenting technique I’ve learned from my mom. She’s just so incredible and has taught me so much. But the one thing I would take from my dad with us is unconditional love. It’s the entire point of family.”

Khloe’s hopes for her daughter’s future…


In a recent interview, Khloe revealed what she hopes for her daughter’s future. She said she hopes her daughter would make many friends, she will love herself to the fullest and would be great if True becomes a singer!


Khloe’s plans to feed her daughter!


Khloe has decided to breastfeed her daughter, she said, “Oh my gosh lol I’m nervous about breastfeeding.”