Amazing Mom Shows Humorous Side Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful thing for a woman, it is an amazing time where a woman gives life to another human baby. But pregnancy period is not at all easy, woman go through a soul crushing 9 months to give birth. Here we have an amazing mom Maya who describes this painful process of pregnancy in her dark humorous way. Read the article to see how she describes it.....

When you gotta show the guy how it feels!


Maya confessed, “The worst part for me was the exhaustion. Being pregnant and chasing after a walking 10-month-old was absolutely no joke.” It’s important for other people to realize it too.

Finally the birth of the baby!


Even after giving birth the life of a mother is not that easy, Maya advises, “Stay strong. I promise that soon enough you’ll hold your baby and literally forget about not being able to see your feet, or having food aversions like lettuce – guilty! YOU CAN DO THIS.”