Amazing Never Seen Before Pictures Of Genetic Mutation

We all know that since ancient times humans have evolved, from being apes to being human today. Not just humans every living organism constantly evolves with time to survive this world. The process of evolving in any living organism is known as genetic mutation. In humans genetic mutation is a very common phenomenon, people of different race when make a child together leading to mutation in the child's genetics. Here we have some amazing never seen before pictures of genetic mutation in humans, read the article to know more.....

Examples other than iris!


Some people maybe from the same town of the same country but have different genetic backgrounds! Here you can see a classic genetic twist in the shape of eyes and hair color of these girls.

Lucy and Maria appeared on the Australian TV show


You won’t believe that Lucy and Marian are twin sisters, you can easily differentiate between the two sister, some may even find impossible to believe that they are twin sister! Genetics can produce some beautiful surprises on the outside, for more surprises read on next page….