Amazing Never Seen Before Pictures Of Genetic Mutation

We all know that since ancient times humans have evolved, from being apes to being human today. Not just humans every living organism constantly evolves with time to survive this world. The process of evolving in any living organism is known as genetic mutation. In humans genetic mutation is a very common phenomenon, people of different race when make a child together leading to mutation in the child's genetics. Here we have some amazing never seen before pictures of genetic mutation in humans, read the article to know more.....

See this unbelievable Indian family!


Yes, this is the Pullan family from India, the condition that caused this in the family is a genetic defect caused by lack of melanin. This mutation was passed down through generations in the family!

Mutation in facial hair!


Here is a classic example of this guys facial hair have some genetic mutation condition. This condition is known as poliosis, it is one of the rarest conditions!