Amazing Parents Who Are Millennial-Level Extra Funny

Parents can be really funny sometimes, they might just give you the best humor of your life. We usually think our parents as they get old they become more boring, not so excited and sad. But that’s not true in most cases. Here we have some really amazing parents who are here to break conventions that say old people can’t joke. Read the article to see these hilarious jokes.

Savage level 10000!


When your mother awakens the motherly instincts to protect you from your jack a## ex boyfriend!

When your mom goes on a mean streak!


The user tweetes saying, “people writing me like oh you cut the heads off yourself and I’m like if u met my mom you’d know this wasn’t staged.”

A makes fun of your efforts!


Parents don’t understand how much guts and efforts you need to make a fake ID! This dad celebrates his proud moment over his sons sadness!

“Tambourine Girl.”


When your mom finds innovative ways to say she had a fun night! For more hilarious tweets read on next page…..

Close enough?


This is a classic example when the internet makes a fool of you and gives you high hops, when you are not even close to looking like her!

When your mom tries to be funny AF!


When your mom tries very hard to be funny, but ends up being really cute! She seems to be the sweetest mom ever! If you still think parents are really boring people, tweets on the next page will change your mind!

When mom recreates your Instagram pictures!


When you mom recreates your every Instagram picture on her own Instagram account, just to mock you!

When mom show you how scary can you be!


When your mom scares the shit out of you, when she dressed up as her son for Halloween!