Here we have some really amazing pictures of Teem Mom Chelsea and her husband Cole’s second wedding! Read the article to see these amazing pictures!

Lovebirds are totally in love.


Chelsea said, “I am so grateful that God chose me to be your wife,” they look great together don’t they?

Recently Cole and Chelsea went on a romantic dinner!


While enjoying their dinner with wine, Cole said, “I love my amazing wife!” See what surprise Cole has for Chelsea on next page….

Chelsea wanted to have a bigger celebration


Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer got married just last fall 2016, but they did not have a huge ceremony, it was not possible as the couple wanted to be legally husband and wife before their son arrived.

Cole’s anniversary surprise for Chelsea!


The beautiful couple was getting ready for a party happening later this month in South Dakota. See the amazing pictures of their second wedding on next page…

Finally the their second wedding!

A recently posted picture on Snapchat describing how beautiful their wedding party was. Chelsea has already picked up her second gown for the party!

They got a chance to cut the cake again!

The beautiful couple long awaited this day, they even got a chance to cut their wedding cake! You will be surprised to see how beautiful the couple looks, on the next page….

Finally the big ceremony Chelsea wanted!

Chelsea invited her friends and close ones to the post wedding party! You can see her enjoying a drink with her friend!

They had the time of their lives!

Chelsea finally got the surprise that she had been waiting for so long, such an amazing surprise by Cole!