Wonder Woman the movie has been one of the most inspiring female super hero movie till date. The movie shows us how the Amazonian Princess is strong enough to take on the most evil people in the world. The movie has inspired many women and girls across the world. Read the tweets to know how inspired people are by this movie.

1. The movie has set it’s own league of records.

The movie has set records in its opening week, in two weeks the movie has collected over $250 million. Whats more exciting is the impact of the movie is not only on the box office but on the lives of the people as well.

2.  Director Patty Jenkins was more than happy to know that not only the movie making a hit on box office but also inspiring many people around the world.

3. The female star for Wonder Woman Gal Gadot tweets saying.

“Wow the last paragraph really gave me the chills.
So true. So powerful. Gives me a huge drive to dive in and work on the next one.”

4. The fans appreciated wholeheartedly.

5. Even the small children are inspired by the movie.

6. Here are some kids who are inspired by the movie.

7. The movie stole the hearts of women and girls worldwide.

8. All you need to rule the world is a cool outfit and a power stance.