Amazing Ways Of Asking Your Girlfriend For A Kiss

When it comes to kissing, it becomes a little awkward for people. There are a lot of tips that are exploding on the internet, the warmth of kiss is only guaranteed if there is a bond of affection between the two of you. If you are dropping hints, it’s the best way to ask for a kiss but there are even more cute ways of asking your girlfriend for a kiss. It starts with a peck on the lips, it depends how you drive the things further. Here are some facts which might help you.

1. Keep it as unplanned as possible


As planning ruins the intimacy and essence of a kiss. The unexpected things which come naturally in the middle of a sentence are the most affectionate ones.

2. Keep the innocence alive



A girl truly loves it when it comes to the innocence of her partner. She wants her partner to be as innocent as her since it builds trust between them. Being polite and affectionate surely fetches you, love.

3.Make her feel wanted


Hugging and kissing her on the forehead will make that lip-lock easier for you to achieve. This is not for breaking her trust but to get comfortable and in a feeling of love.

4. Make her feel the butterflies in her belly when she is with you


Just try to pump up the aura when you two are together. The passionate love and warmth will surely help you to build a long lasting relationship the two of you. Click next to read more.