Even though they are mammoth in size and incredibly strong, elephants are usually known to be affectionate and peaceful creatures. Here we have incredibly cute baby elephants that will make your day. Read the article to see these pictures.

1. Elephant babies are not able to the use of their trunks in their initial months.

They are just like a human baby sucks his/her thumb, calves suck their trunk and are not able to use it fully. They simply sway it here and there until they learn how to use it for eating, drinking, and picking up things after six or eight monthsThey are j

2. When mommy loves you!

3. Come along child…

4. Rain dance.

5. When you are in trouble!

6. I can walk now!

7. Give us a ride in your trunk.

8. Family time = Fun time

9. Following in the footsteps of mommy.

10. Adorable! isn’t he?