Has Amber Portwood finally decided to end her disastrous relationship with Matt Baier?

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1. They have been having issues

The Teen Mom OG star and her fiancé Matt Baier have been having issues throughout recent years, which most recently reached a crucial stage when Amber supposedly showed him out of the house in the wake failing a lie detector test

2. Matt claimed solid relationship

Although Matt has been jabbering to the press of late about their solid relationship, even blaming his TMOG Las Vegas outburst for a medication backslide, Amber has kept mum on basically everything.

3. The new tweet dropping the hints

But a new tweet of hers seems to be dropping some serious hints that she’s dumped the 46-year-old, Matt Baier for good.

4. As well the timing is correct

Also, if the 27-year-old, Amber Portwood has decided on announcing her breakup news now, then the timing makes sense. Earlier this week, some information came to light via Twitter that Matt pretended to pass the lie detector test but actually failed, and faked the results.

5. Ready to move forward

“Ready to move forward and be the woman I’ve always strived to be with no one holding me back!!” she tweeted late on May 30.

6. Parts of Matt’s Poly test

Fans rushed to expect this implied she had finished her relationship, while others thought she was simply feigning and searching for consideration. You know, much as she did toward the end of last year when she quit and after that unquit the MTV show that made her celebrated?!

7. Shawn confirmed it

Amber’s brother, Shawn Portwood, who’s been a recent hot topic of conversation on TMOG, even admitted himself and confirmed Amber didn’t want the whole thing filmed, though he later denied that the text message screenshots “proving” as much are real.

8. He had always misled her

Add this to the way that he misled her about what number of children he has and could conceivably be a Teen Mom superfan who’s soon after her for her cash, and better believe it, we’d say the warnings are heating up.