Here we have another Teem Mom story where you will find out the shocking reason the MTV stars were a no-show! Read the article to know more.

1. Amber Portwood.

The Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood‘s rocky relationship with Matt Baier is getting even MORE backlash now! The Teen Mom OG stars were set to make an appearance to promote his new memoir, but cancelled last minute leaving fans shocked.

2. The MTV couple

Working hard and making goals!!! Keep going!!! We got this!!💋🙏

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Cancelled last minute, the MTV couple had fans waiting for them in the Greenwood, Indiana Barnes & Noble on June 6th to have Matt’s new memoir.

3. Amber was quick to defend

This had nothing to do with me,” she tweeted. “I was going to support him. This is sad.”

4. Amber took to Twitter to assure fans that this fiasco was not her fault.

5. In another tweet to The Ashley – who broke this story, she responds…


It was his book signing. Don’t use my f*****g name to make money and don’t do that to my fans!”

6. Adding


“Now I have to take backlash [for] stupid people’s mistakes.

7. The Fans were quick to stand by Amber

I’m so hurt about the situation. I cried earlier which is why it hurts me to be called a liar. I would NEVER do that to my fans!”

8. 25 minutes after that.

“The employee said that [Amber] was crying and that she was confused and there was a conflict with filming, which makes no sense since they both knew about it and advertised it along with Barnes & Noble,” Amie explained. “The guy said ‘Amber’s crying if that makes you feel better.’”

9. A source exclusively revealed…

The insider said, the shocking reason why Matt didn’t show up to greet his fans! “Matt is in Massachusetts visiting family,”.

10. Adding.

“Matt has been jealous of Amber for going to the Teen Mom reunion in New York without him. They have been fighting.” The two called it quits in May after shocking cheating allegations surfaced.