Amber Rose Takes A Stand For Son For Being A Taylor Swift Fan

The celebrities are on the constant radar of their fans as well as haters. While the celebs are used to this life and know how to deal with such things, their kids might be the one who is eventually dragged into controversies. Celeb kids are often looked after for their actions might be a result of the upbringing of their celeb parents. Recently Amber Rose’s son was trolled and called gay and it seems the mama has stood up for her son and answers the trolls. Read more to know the entire story.

Amber Rose


Amber Rose is a famous model and an American actress. Her modeling career started after posing for a Louis Vuitton print advertisement featuring West’s sneaker line.

Amber’s Son



Amber Rose got married to Wiz Khalifa on July 8, 2013. Her Son Sebastian Thomaz was born on February 21, 2013. Currently Rose and Khalifa have a joint custody of their son.

Sebastian Thomaz Is A Taylor Fan


Not many people know but Taylor Swift is also very famous among small kids. And Amber Rose’s son Sebastian Thomaz is also one of them. According to her mother, Sebastian is a very big fan of Taylor Swift.

Ticket And Letter From Taylor Swift


After knowing Amber and Wiz’ son is a great fan of Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift has gifted him with tickets to Taylor Swift’s Reputation tour and a letter directly from the singer. Stay tuned to know about the Amber and her reply on the next page…