Amber’s Baby Daddy Andrew Attempted A Murder?

Just like most of the dads in the Teen Mom show even Amber’s baby daddy or boyfriend Andrew Glennon has a dark past too. Amber met Andrew on the sets of Marriage Boot Camp and after that they started dating, soon Amber got to know about Andrew’s disturbing past and she was upset. But now the baby daddy is said to have attempted a murder, read the article to know more….

The couple is having a baby together!


After a lot of drama in the show, the Teen Mom stars are finally together and having a baby too. But is it really that simple? Do we know everything about Andrew?

What we know about Andrew!?


The Teen Mom OG star’s new boyfriend was hit with a restraining order against his ex-girlfriend. Angeles, Glennon’s ex-girlfriend filed a restraining order against him on October 30, 2013.

The shady past….


Andrew’s ex explains his past, “I broke up with him and he was very upset, [He] hid my keys as I had to leave out of fear. The next day he wouldn’t leave [my] apartment until my dad threatened to call the police.” Later he started calling her after 5 months, she said, “In May, he showed up uninvited and after I asked him to leave he secretly let the air out of my tire till it was flat.”

Amber knows all about Andrew, doesn’t she?


Now that Amber is pregnant with Andrew’s baby she must know everything about her baby daddy, that’s what we are assuming! But it’s not true, Andrew had attempted a murder in the past and Amber didn’t know about it, read on next page…….

Andrew’s ex best explained his criminal past!


Andrew’s ex explained, “He has threatened me verbally and I believe yesterday he sent an anonymous letter to my boss and coworkers to deliberately trying to smear me… He has contacted my family and my friends in order to try and find out about me. I am scared for my safety and I am scared of him.”

Just when you thought that’s all Andrew did, a shocking news broke out!


Just when Amber thought she knew everything about her baby daddy, a shocking news broke out where it is said that Andrew (the baby daddy) had attempted a murder in the past, to find out more about this shocking news, read on next page……

There were many complaints about Andrew!


One of Andrew’s exes wrote in court filing that “He has shown up at my work, home and the bus stops I take to and from work as well.” In the past Andrew was arrested for possessing weapons illegally.

A recent update from Teen Mom executive producer Morgan J. Freeman


The twitter account ‘Amber Porkwood’ tweeted, “Morgan’s tweet and delete. People from Andrew’s past are most likely starting to recognize him & they have stories from his past like Matt’s exes when they saw him on.