Amber Portwood has moved on from her ex-fiancé Matt Baier with someone new, but how does he feel about the new secret romance? To know more read the article further

Matt reveals his reaction

In an exclusive interview, Matt Baier reveals his reaction to the relationship and details on the mystery man.

Never-before-seen video


In a never-before-seen video, Portwood, 27, could be seen leaning on a mystery man as he rubs her waist with his arm on Monday, August 7.

Lean in for a kiss

The two then lean in for a kiss while at the Indianapolis, Indiana marina. Although Portwood has yet to comment on the new romance, her ex revealed his thoughts on the shocking video.

Portwood dumped her fiancé


Amber Portwood dumped her fiancé of three years in May when he failed a lie detector test after cheating rumors surfaced.

Matt was involved in multiple scandals

Matt Baier has been involved in multiple scandals throughout their relationship. He was accused of having at least nine children with seven different women. Five women sued Baier for overdue child support payments in an Indiana court, but the cases were dismissed.

“I have no idea who he is,” Matt said.

“The most important thing is Amber is happy and safe,” Baier, 46, said. “Amber and I were inseparable for over 3 years and we built a life together.

When you love somebody

When you love somebody that much, all you want is for that person to be happy. I support all good decisions Amber makes.”

Although he “wishes her new relationship well,” he admits learning of her new romance has been hard.

“It’s over forever so there is going to be a degree of sadness,” he said. “But Amber and I are very close still, we have always been the best of friends. So, she knows I am always here if she needs me and has my support.”