Amber’s Ex Gary Shirley Speaks Out About Her Pregnancy!

Amber has had many relationships in the past her first relationship was with Gary Shirley, soon she broke up with him and found another guy Matt and not her new boyfriend Andrew Glennon. Amber has a daughter named Leah whose father is Gary, Gary and Amber both have kept silence on each other for a long time, but now Gary speaks out something shocking after knowing Amber is pregnant, read the article to know more…..

When Amber lost the custody of her kid!


Amber had a bad reputation as a citizen, she was jailed for drugs in 2012, also she lost the custody battle with Gary due to her drug arrest Gary became the official guardian, the couple still share the joint custody for their daughter Leah!

Amber went on dating couple of guys later!


Amber went on dating many guys after she broke up with Gary in 2013, Amber had almost got married to Matt but the later the wedding was called off, Now she is dating the true love of her life, Andrew!

Fans went crazy after the announcement!


As soon as Amber announced that she was pregnant, her fans went crazy. It’s a new beginning for her, Amber says, “I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy in my life.”

Gary always wanted happiness for Amber!


Even after breaking up Gary was happy for Amber when she announced her pregnancy with Andrew’s baby! Gary was not that shocked about the big news but he had something amazing to say to her, read on next page…..

The pregnancy wasn’t planned, but Amber is still happy with it!


Amber explained, “When I first found out I was a little scared, after the initial shock, it was nothing but happy thoughts.” Though Gary was very shocked to hear that her pregnancy wasn’t planned, but he still said nice things about her.

Shirley threw a bit of shade at Portwood.


Gary says that Amber should have et to know him more before dating him and having a kid, he also said that Amber shouldn’t “need someone” to make her feel like she’s “living.” But then gary said something really heart touching and amazing, read on next page….

What Gary said…..


He said, “I think she is less controlled now. With Matt, I think she needed to take time to heal, but it’s her life, not mine. I’m not saying she should’ve waited on him. I think she should’ve dated. I think the last time they talked — I don’t know what they’re doing — but I think he was trying to relocate or something. ”

Gary continued adding….


He added saying, “I think she should’ve stayed single longer and really gotten to know herself and get over someone before getting with someone else because that’s how you do it, man. The correct way. You don’t need someone to make you feel like you’re living.”