Here we have another shocking news about the Teen Mom star Amber Portwood Ex Ex Matt Humiliated in Vegas! Read the article to know more.

Amber dumped Matt Baier

We have already told our readers that Amber had confessed that after years of struggle with her fiance Matt she has finally dumped Matt Baier. That was a tough decision for Amber but our readers know that Matt was caught cheating on Amber when he failed a lie detector test loaded with questions about his alleged infidelity.

Amber & Matt

Teen Mom OG Amber Portwood and fiancé Matt Baier have had months full of rumor filled drama and while Amber has held her head high throughout…

Lie detector

After so many women came out claiming to have been in continued affairs with Matt WHILE he was with Amber, she decided to put him to the ultimate test. Matt failed the lie detector test about whether or not he had been faithful to Amber or not.

Reunion show

The Teen Mom OG star revealed at the reunion show her then-fiancé had taken lots of money out of their joint account, which he later went on to gamble in Las Vegas. The dad of five insisted at the reunion show he only took out the money he earned from MTV from his and Amber’s account, which amounted to about $27K, but Amber claimed he stole upwards of $120K. Yikes! Continue reading on next page to know what happened to him in Vegas

Though he was doing well for a while.

He was up a lot, earning over $100K in chips by day two, but as true gamblers know, things can change in the blink of an eye when you’re betting all your moolah. Though he was doing well for a while there, Matt has now lost all of his $10K entry fees

Oof, that’s gotta hurt

Though Matt stopped his social media activity around that point, a separate tweet revealed he is out of the competition and lost all his earnings, and is now at about negative $84K.

Matt Baier

Matt’s most vocal baby mama, Kelli Nunn, claims he stole $2,300 from her when they were together and gambled it away at Foxwoods.

Since Matt and Amber split

Since Matt and Amber split, he’s on his own financially, and we all know his failed book, You Have No F—King Idea, didn’t exactly bring in the big bucks.