Amber Portwood has been through a lot in the Teen Mom show, she is a mother of one daughter Leah Shirley who she shares with her ex -Gary Shirley. Amber was living a happy life with her new boyfriend Andrew Glennon, that’s when she got pregnant, though the baby was not planned Amber was really happy to be pregnant. But now the serious question is, does the baby belong to Andrew or Matt, find out when you read the article…

Amber and Matt had a nasty break up sometime around June to July!


Amber had confirmed the news about her split with her fiance Matt through a number of Instagram live streams. Matt had given a lie detector test and he was caught cheating on Amber when he failed a lie detector test loaded with questions about his alleged infidelity.

They were last seen together in July 2017.


Both the stars took part in Marriage Boot Camp to fix their relationship, but sadly for Amber and Matt they called it quits on the show in July 2017. After calling it quits from the Marriage Bootcamp, Amber said, “I tried to give you a family, ” to which Matt angrily replied, “I don’t want that family!”

Amber soon met Andrew.


Amber moved on so quickly that just a month after meeting Andrew she went on and got pregnant with a child. Matt never said any hateful comments about her after their breakup, he even said that he was happy for her.

Fans went crazy after the announcement!


As soon as Amber announced that she was pregnant, her fans went crazy. Many people started to congratulate her on her amazing new development! But the serious question does the baby belong to Andrew? Amber’s timeline says a different story, read on Next Page…

Andrew becomes a father for the first time!


Amber said, “He’s already thinking about the future, I’m very blessed and just happy that we’re starting this journey together, so I’m very excited.” Amber took her first picture with Andrew in August, then took him to the VMA’s in September and confirmed her pregnancy in November.

Amber’s pregnancy was unexpected, whose baby is it?


Amber was very happy with her new boyfriend, they even went on a vacation together, that’s when Amber supposedly got pregnant. Amber revealed though her pregnancy was unplanned she is really happy to have a second child. Find out whose baby it is on the Next Page…

The suspicion started when Amber revealed the baby gender.


To know the baby gender, one fan said, “Twenty weeks is a popular point for an ultrasound to reveal the gender of the baby.” Judging by her timeline, when Amber did her ultrasound she should almost be 6 months pregnant.

What does this timeline suggest?


This means that Amber should have been pregnant around June or July, this was the time when she was suspected of being with Matt. One fan said, “The timing is…odd to say the least. Also makes me wonder if that’s why she had such a hard time dumping him.”