Amber’s Sobriety an Issue During Pregnancy?


As we all know how important it is for a mother to take care of herself during and after her pregnancy, though Amber had previously given birth to her daughter Leah, still the concern remains. Amber never really had a good record when it comes to society. Along with many other stars in the show, Amber was one who used drugs too. Now people are questioning her sobriety during pregnancy, read the article to know more….

Drugs have been a major source of controversies in the show!


There have been many instances in the show where the stars of Teen Mom moms and dads both were caught in drug abuse! Among those stars, Amber was involved in such a case too.

Amber’s criminal history!


When Amber was in 16 And Pregnant, she was involved in an incident where she was arrested and kept in prison on drug-related charges. Wonder people are concerned about her sobriety!?

Amber chose not to go into rehab!


Amber after being arrested was given an option to get into rehab or go to jail. Amber refused to get treatment in a rehab facility, she said that she knew rehab wouldn’t help her, so she opted to go to court and take her prison sentence.

Amber is not the only one with a drug abuse history in the family!


Amber recently got a new boyfriend, Andrew Glennon who she met at Marriage Boot Camp, now she is pregnant with his baby. Talking about the past, Amber is not the only one with history of drug abuse, Andrew was involved in such a case too, read on Next Page…

Andrew Glennon has his own past.


Andrew Glennon in 2014, was arrested for driving under the influence.  Andrew had to spend 96 hours in an LA county jail and pay $2,000 in fines. He also has many other criminal records.

Point of concern!


Judging by Amber’s past behaviour during her first pregnancy, will she be okay with her second pregnancy? It would have been much easier if she would have gone to rehab. See what Amber has to say about this, on Next Page….

Her family is worried about her!


Even though she has moved out of her past life, starting a new journey with her new boyfriend Andrew, her family is still concerned that she’ll maintain her sobriety through all of her recent life changes.

Sources claim that…..


A few sources claim that if Amber manages to maintain her sobriety with her new boyfriend Andrew then she “will be fine now.”