Amusing Photos Of Sexy Men And Cat In Similar Pose

The Amazing match-ups highlight a variety of heartthrobs (counting big names like Channing Tatum and Michael Fassbender) posing seductively close by shots of cuddly cats that makes the viewer question in which subject they are most interested in looking

7. Say What?


Trying to ask a question about something to them? This is how they react! Can be a tough choice between these two.

8. Being Studios


That look can kill and slay some of us! I’m talking about the guy here. Got confused right? Don’t miss out on next two.


9. Let’s Pray


If prayer made me that sexy, I’d pray all the time on the other hand that cuteness.

10. Showers Make You Sexier


Those killer eyes! At least semi-killer for the kitty. This would make anyone go weak in the knees immediately