An 81 Years Old Model Changed China’s Views On Aging

An actor by a profession, Deshun was born in the northeastern Chinese city of Shenyang in the year 1936 and started working in pantomime. It's a rare sight to see grandfathers with ripped abs and a body that could put any 25-year-old to shame. But this 'grandpa' from China has made the world to go ga-ga over his stunning physique and dashing looks that can make any man half his age, feel conscious about himself. Read the article to know the complete story.

He broke all stereotypes


Wang has spent the last few decades breaking all stereotypes that accompany maturing and has worked to ensure that his mind and body oppose everything that comes with old age.

He is an inspiration to young generation


Not only did he make his modeling debut at the age of 79, but also is an instructor at a Beijing fashion school where he teaches youngsters how to do the catwalk. Click on the next page to read more.