An 81 Years Old Model Changed China’s Views On Aging

An actor by a profession, Deshun was born in the northeastern Chinese city of Shenyang in the year 1936 and started working in pantomime. It's a rare sight to see grandfathers with ripped abs and a body that could put any 25-year-old to shame. But this 'grandpa' from China has made the world to go ga-ga over his stunning physique and dashing looks that can make any man half his age, feel conscious about himself. Read the article to know the complete story.

Wang keeps himself fit


In spite of his increasing age, Wang never moved to the limitations that age carried with it. Indeed, he started going to the gym at 50 years old, with the sole point of getting his body fit as a fiddle for his acting profession.

Still young by heart and body


Fast track seven years later and now he has a sculpted body and lithe form to boast off. “People are surprised that an old man like me can have such good muscles,” Wang told reporters.