Angelina Announces Her official Comeback In Jersey Shore With Stunning New Look!

The Jersey Shore Family Vacation show is packed with all new controversies, drama, funny pranks, and entertainment. But that's not all in the show, the show recently introduced an exciting new character into the show who promises to make the show even better than before. Angelina Pivarnick has officially announced her return to the sho with her all-new sexy look that has kept the fans drooling on the screen, read the article to know more...

The Jersey Shore Family vacation surprised its fans with a new entry!


In an attempt to bring in some new controversies to the show, the show invited one of the most feared cast members in the Jersey Shore. Fans were equally excited to welcome this member, are you ready for what’s to come ahead?

No one ever expected Angelina to come back!


Inviting Angelina to show might a brilliant idea or just another disaster for the show. For the fans who have see the previous seasons of Jersey Shore would remember that Angelina had almost no chance of coming back as she made an enemy out of practically the entire cast in her two short seasons on the original show.


Angelina has a changed a lot!


It has been reported that Angelina recently underwent a major transformation after spending years looking at the mirror and feeling “very insecure” about her body.

See Angelina’s latest new look and her official announcement!


Angelina revealed she had a lot of unfinished business with a few cast members of the show and she wanted to clear them out. She also revealed how she physically prepared herself for her re-entry! Find out what she said on Next Page…