Angry Lady From Feltham, West London Looses Her Temper On A Muslim Couple At The Store

Is Wearing A Niqab or 'Burka' wrong for a Muslim lady to follow her caste & culture willfully, well religion won't be supported much in Independent countries like that in Arab countries.

Things are not that good when it comes to caste & culture, but they too have their limitations as well. An incidence occurred in the city of Feltham (W) London, where a lady customer billing her items blows her anger after looking at a Muslim lady along with her husband, in ‘niqab’ ( Arabic term(burkha)). And saying that the lady looks like a ‘Pillar Box’

The irritated lady arguing with the Muslim couple


The lady starting to loose her temper as the keeper of the store denies to her statement before things begin to heat-up as she continues to argue with him.

The Rage of Fury begins to Out-burst



Though the picture of the couple is not disclosed it seemed that they politely responded to her taunting statements & denied the fact of their culture as she demoralized their customs as how women are kept as ‘Pillar Box’ in their tradition.