Another Kardashian In The Making: Khloe Wants Daughter To Inherit Her Body

The soon mom to be to a daughter has really planned everything for her daughter. While every mom wants their kids to be healthy just like Khloe wants it seems that not all. The Kardashian mom is already making plans for the baby’s future and it’s not just limited to their college or the profession but also her daughter’s body. Khloe wants her daughter to inherit her certain body traits. Read more to find out what Khloe desires.

Khloe’s is due anytime soon


It’s been time for Khloe, She’s almost there with the baby. We are counting days now until her daughter’s big arrival. Triston and Khloe have been eagerly waiting for their baby to arrive.

She is having a peaceful time in Cleveland with Tristan



Khloe has moved to Cleveland as she plans on delivering the baby there at boyfriend Thompson’s hometown. She wants her daughter to have an ordinary life away from cameras.

She was also absent from the Kardashian Easter bash


Since Khloe is in Cleveland she was missing from the Kar-Jenner Easter celebrations. While all the family is already disappointed with Khloe’s decision of giving birth off cameras this came as no surprise.

Khloe also gave Easter wishes


The expectant mom to be shared her picture on Instagram stories which said “Happy Easter”. Though she’s away from the family and preparing herself for her baby daughter. Khloe wants her daughter to inherit certain traits. Find out which body traits on the next page..