Another Kardashian In The Making: Khloe Wants Daughter To Inherit Her Body

As smart as Tristan


Khloe also hopes that the baby gets Tristan’s “IQ and my street smarts.” She wants her daughter to be a mix of them both. Khloe wants her baby girl to have her sense of style and business savvy nature.

Massive booty


Well it understandable for the baby to have certain color eyes or hair, but when it comes to the Kardashian clan we should always expect a surprise. The physical trait Khloe hopes her little daughter inherits the most is a massive booty!


New Kardashian clan in the making


The Good American jeans founder is so proud of her huge posterior just like other Kar-Jenners. She revealed on her website that: “I want my baby to inherit my Butt. Both big booties, lol…well mine before pregnancy!” No doubt Chicago, Stormi, and the upcoming baby girl will make a new Kardashian clan and rule the world once again.