Another Teen Mom Star Child Hospitalized!

Nothing is worse for a mother than watching her kid suffer, another teen mom is going through this pain. To find out who she is continue reading.

Oral surgery!


In, September 2018 Briana detailed that her eldest daughter Nova had to have oral surgery. She said, “The surgery is just for the dentist to pull a few teeth. But it’s still scary because Nova hates the dentist — as most kids do — and has to be put to sleep for this procedure.”

Heart Problem!


Just a few days after Stella was born, mom Briana found out that Stella had holes in her heart. Over the years, that meant she had to deal with some serious treatments to try and fix them. She revealed, “She has some heart condition, she has holes in her heart. It’s been difficult dealing with Stella right now.”


Closed Holes


Stella’s health issues were addressed. About a month after the little girl’s first birthday, her mom revealed that she no longer had any heart murmurs. “All the holes are closed!” Briana announced on her twitter in August 2018.

Another battle