Recently Apple has admitted it does slow down your older device as the battery becomes older. Many of the consumers have evaluated the performance of the devices which become old whenever a new device is launched with a new ios version. Usually, the processing power becomes so less for the older devices that it starts to lag and becomes a problem which you cannot ignore. This all is done keeping in mind the battery life of the older phone.

Forced Upgrade To A Newer Device


Many people have claimed, it’s an attempt to force people to upgrade to newer devices. Apple said these software updates are actually prolonging the life of your phone and avoiding it to shut down without notice.

Transparency About The Update


The firm after this news came out, was under fire for not being transparent about the software update. They should have informed their users about this long before.

Unintentional Shutdowns


These type of shutdown are caused when your iPhone reaches its peak performance capacity that the battery was unable to power causing them to suddenly shut down. Apple says the software update helps to keep your phone in working condition.

What Apple Had To Say


After the consumers came to know the slowing down facts about their devices Apple said “Our goal is to deliver the best experience for customers, which includes overall performance and prolonging the life of their devices.

Fact About The Lithium-ion Batteries


Lithium-ion batteries become less capable of supplying enough power which is needed to process the electonic components with time. Under cold conditions, low battery charge or age over time these all factors affect your old device that results in unexpected shutdowns.

Geekbench Scores


Geekbench developer John Poole carried out several tests on iPhone 6 and 7 running different ios versions. He found an update which is which was to fix a sudden shutdown issue. iPhone was to blame for poor performance.

When This Issue Came To Light


Many people are not aware of this app called Geekbench, it calculates your processor score and you can compare your score each time after an upgrade.

Performance Scores


The Geekbench found out that the older devices with old batteries were able to perform less than the newer ones. Battery life can be affected as the times passes but the performance should remain the same.