Apple Has Blocked Latest Facebook’s Latest Update

Recently, Facebook rolled out an update that called out Apple’s 30% in-app purchase policy. However, before the app could be available to the users, Apple blocked its update citing that it violates the app policies which disallow app developers to show “irrelevant information” to the users.

On Thursday, the biggest social media platform company told Reuters that Apple has rejected its attempt to tell the users that the iPhone maker would cut 30% of the sales percentage from their online events sales. Even though they have rejected their app update, Facebook is trying to make their information available in the app.

Earlier this month, Facebook launched the tool that would give the ability to the creators, businesses, and influencers to earn money through online events. This will allow them to simply set the price, promote the event, collect the payment, and host in all one place. The company asked Apple to waive the online events fee as they could pass all the revenue collected directly pass to the consumers.  Nevertheless, Apple declined their request.

Now, Facebook has become one of Apple’s biggest criticizers joining Epic Games and Spotify on the list. Recently, Epic Games filed an antitrust lawsuit against Apple. The Fortnite maker has not only picked a fight with Apple but also Google for abusing its dominance in the market. Currently, the top tech giants such as Apple, Amazon, and Alphabet are facing anti-competitive cases. Meanwhile, Facebook is not only happy with their policies but also for its ad tracking restrictions.

According to Facebook, Apple’s iOS 14 update would have a big impact on its ad network. The company published a few blogs related to the impact on Apple’s privacy policy change. It said that this change will impact the publishers’ revenue on Facebook Audience Network.

“Like all ad networks on iOS 14, advertiser ability to accurately target and measure their campaigns on Audience Network will be impacted, and as a result publishers should expect their ability to effectively monetize on Audience network to decrease,” Facebook said. Moreover, the company said that without using Facebook’s data for ad targeting, the mobile app install campaigns brought in less than 50% of revenue for publishers.

Amidst this, Facebook has sued multiple developers in the United States and also in the United Kingdom for violating its policies. The company has sued MobiBurn for collecting the data from Facebook users through its Software Development Kit (SDK). Besides this, Facebook and its subsidiary Instagram, Inc. has filed a lawsuit against Nikolay Holper for running a fake engagement service that distributes fake likes, comments, and views on Instagram. Since its Cambridge Analytica scandal, the #1 social media company has been rolling out strict policies and protecting the users from misuse of their personal data.

It’s not the first time Facebook has sued some companies over fake engagement promises. Last year, it has shutdown 17 companies that were running such services. “Today’s actions are the latest in our efforts to protect people who use our services, hold those who abuse our platform accountable, and advance the state of the law around data misuse and privacy,’’ Facebook said in a statement.