Why Aren’t We Helping These 3.4 Million Americans Who Are In Need Of Help?

Puerto Rico has been battling dangerous floods sparked by Hurricane Maria, with a number of residents still trapped in their homes. But even after the Hurricane passed away millions of people continued to suffer without the basics and reports emerged of vital supplies stranded at Puerto Rico's main port. We should help them, read the article to know more...

Basic facilities are short on supply.


It is tragic sight to see that even the hospitals are running on generators and the ATM machines are functioning. There’s no cell service. 3.4 million Americans are completely paralyzed.ATM machines and banks are completely shutdown and the entire island is paralyzed.

3.4 million American citizens in Maine, New Hampshire and Rhode Island are helpless.


Puerto Rico’s biggest concern is the lack of electricity and the very little help they are getting, the hurricane destroyed about 80 percent of the crop which is a huge concern as they already import about 85 percent of its food.