Ariana Grande Might Be Pregnant With Mac Miller’s Baby!

It seems pregnancy is on the cards for the singer Ariana Grande. Just like Kylie Jenner Ariana has been absent from social media from past few days. It seems even Ariana wants to have a secret pregnancy now. The singer is currently dating rapper Mac Miller and speculations have been made that she is pregnant and thus the absence from the radio. Read more to find out details about Ariana’s pregnancy.

Where Is Ariana Grande


There’s a question which is arising recently on the internet, where is Ariana Grande? Everybody is actually waiting for her to make a move so that they can get any updates what exactly is going on in her life.

Completly Silent On Social Media



Ariana has been completely silent on social media, people are wondering what is going on in her life and she’s not updating anything on her account. Her last activity on social media was seen on 31st Dec.

Her Recent Activity


Ariana recently updated her fans with the news of new music which is on its way. She told her fans it will be released on March 2nd.

Recent Listening Sessions


She posted a photograph of a listening session with her group in ahead of the release of her fourth studio collection. What could be the reason behind her absence from the social media, get to now on the next page.