Astonishing Texts Received By People In April

Have you come across some text you receive that can you can never get out of your head? People usually text people with things that are really important to them or some wrong message but before even checking the number you start talking to them. These things can turn your conversation into something else. Though you are surprised by the messages it becomes something that you want to share with people. Here are some texts which people received in April that can make you roll on the floor laughing.

1. She Got Played For A Week


She received this text a week later but got to know that she was being played this whole time. She was thinking that she got that successful appointment.

2. Received Unique Pictures



Have you ever texted a wrong number and got a reply that’s really insane? This girl dropped a message to a wrong number and got some hilarious pictures back.

3. Iconic Grandmother


You grandparents can be so savage at times that you would have never imagined. They will surprise you with the things you never thought of.

4. Handled It Amazingly


Getting a text telling you to settle the baby can be really uncomfortable for people. This girl just gave the most appropriate answer she could. Click next to read more.