Here we have a shocking news where Teen Mom Chelsea’s daughter Aubree is getting a name change? Read the article to know why?

From what we previously know!


Aubree Skye Houska is the daughter of Chelsea Houska and Chelsea’s ex Adam Lind.

Aubree lives with Chelsea and Cole after the break up!


After Chelsea broke up with Adam, Chelsea got the custody of Aubree and now she lives happily with her mother and Cole. Now the recently, married again, couple decided to change Aubree’s name and you won’t believe the reason behind this. Read on next page to know more……

Chelsea always wanted a sibling for Aubree, but a name change is something new!


The beautiful couple welcomed their son Watson Cole, siblings for her 7-year-old daughter, Aubree.

The Couple recently got married AGAIN

The couple finally got their proper wedding celebrations! They enjoyed it to the fullest! What could be the reason to change Aubree’s name? Let’s find out on next page….

Aubree got a dance with Cole in their wedding party!

A perfect father for Aubree and a perfect husband for Chelsea, indeed!

Chelsea’s and Cole’s life is going through a lot of change…

The couple is going through so much change in life, now they even want Aubree’s name changed? Will Chelsea’s ex Adam be okay with it? Find out on next page….

Chelsea and Cole DeBoer have tied the knot again!


After their wedding celebrations Chelsea spoke to her lawyer about changing the visitation rights of Adam Lind, daughter Aubree’s birth father, as well as changing Aubree’s last name to reflect her relationship with Cole.

Aubree gets a name change!


Aubree finally gets a name change from ‘Aubree Lind’ to ‘Aubree DeBoer‘, Chelsea tells her lawyer about changing Aubree’s last name to reflect her relationship with Cole.