We all have been in awkward moments at least once in our life, but some awkward moments are really embarrassing like this moment when a woman says that ex is better looking than the current one, on a show on Comedy Central called Your Face Or Mine. Read the article to know more about the story.

Bex being confident took part in a show.


To be on a show like Your Face Or Mine a person needs a lot of self confidence and Bex had all of it! She went on the show and sat between Freya and her girlfriend, Sasha.

Not just the show even the seating arrangement was kinda awkward.

It was a awkward moment and it turns out that Freya was a little freaked out, as she felt like vomiting. And the girlfriend Sasha was just on the verge of crying.

Turns out she was Freya’s ex.

It was a good thing that Bex didn’t mind it she moved on quickly, even though she didn’t find a new girlfriend instead she found a guy and also had a baby.

Co-host Katherine Ryan said.

Co-host Katherine Ryan asked Bex, “I mean the baby is great news, but are you regretting the man?”

Down to the real business of Your Face or Mine?

Now it is time for the real superficial judgement that everyone does but it is not socially acceptable. Who is better looking, Bex or Sasha?

Feel really bad about Sasha…

It was sad to see Sasha looking a bit vulnerable, but still Sasha agrees saying that Bex is better looking and she won’t mind if Freya chooses her ex.

Sasha seemed to be concentrating on the money.

Sasha was ready to take up any challenge as long as she had money on her side. But soon Freya cleares the confusion by saying her ex is better looking than Sasha.

She is a looker, don’t you think so!?

Bex finds out she’s better looking than Freya’s girlfriend, then she casually wins them the round and some money and leaves. How cool is Bex!!??