The macaques constitute a genus of Old World monkeys of the subfamily Cercopithecinae. There are few similarities between human and monkeys. Many of us rely on a strong cup of coffee to wake us up in the mornings. But this young macaque was knocked out for 10 hours after downing a cup of coffee it stole from a tourist in Bangkok on Sunday. This cheeky monkey found out the hard way why you shouldn’t steal other people’s coffee.

A baby monkey


The baby long-tailed macaque passed out with a caffeine overdose after slurping down a measure of joe nicked from a traveler.

He was thirsty.


The thirsty monkey (Macaca fascicularis) hopped on to the traveler’s motorbike in Thai capital Bangkok’s Bang Khun Thien locale and immediately drunk down the drink.

What tourist did after seeing this?


It jumped off the motorbike and crumbled, to the awfulness of close-by travelers. They raised the caution and veterinarians were immediately on the scene, overseeing crisis help as a carbon and saline arrangement until the point when he finally came around at 3 am the next morning.

The Incidence described as…


The “Khon Rak Ling Hua Jai Kraeng” online group page announced the scene, saying that the male monkey, which is around a half year old, had likely attempted to replicate the human who had been tasting from the drink a short time sometime before.

He passed out for 10 hours.


Macaque passed out for 10 hours but when vets were certain that the monkey had healed properly and was feeling no ill consequences, it was discharged over into the care of its troop.



In May, an excessively fat macaque nicknamed “Uncle Fatty” by local people in Thailand must be assumed to a weight reduction training camp. Uncle Fatty measured 27 kilos, which is almost double the standard weight for the animal. They for the most part measure 8-10 kilograms.

People should be careful.


A superintendent has been made a request to watch out for the little monkey, and they additionally instruct individuals to be more cautious in leaving foods and beverages around in fields frequented by long-tailed macaques.

What did Staff say?


Local animal wardens say the macaques should just be given fruits and vegetables, at assigned zones.