Baby Monkey Passes Out For 10 Hours After Drinking On Stolen Coffee

The macaques constitute a genus of Old World monkeys of the subfamily Cercopithecinae. There are few similarities between human and monkeys. Many of us rely on a strong cup of coffee to wake us up in the mornings. But this young macaque was knocked out for 10 hours after downing a cup of coffee it stole from a tourist in Bangkok on Sunday. This cheeky monkey found out the hard way why you shouldn't steal other people's coffee.

People should be careful.


A superintendent has been made a request to watch out for the little monkey, and they additionally instruct individuals to be more cautious in leaving foods and beverages around in fields frequented by long-tailed macaques.

What did Staff say?


Local animal wardens say the macaques should just be given fruits and vegetables, at assigned zones.