Baby Stormi Bonds With Daddy Travis Scott’s Folks And They Look Adorable

Stormi has been adored by everyone be it the family or even the fans. When it comes to mom and dad Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott the baby girl is the apple of their eye. Stormi was not seen much with her parents on their reported outings maybe the parents feared she might catch some infection. But it seems Stormi is all ready to go out and meet her folks. Recently Stormi was seen with daddy Travis Scott’s folks and the pictures are adorable. Read more to know how it all went…

Stormi’s arrival


Kylie Jenner welcome her first child into this world on Feb 1. Kylie and her boyfriend have been in a relationship for quite some time. The couple just had their first kid and are very excited to see what they have in their future.

The Baby Girl Has Brought Her Parents Close



Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are very excited to raise their first child together. Travis tries to finish his work as quickly as possible so that he could go back to help Kylie with the kid and is working very well. The couple seems to have been much closer to each other than ever.

Kylie Did Not Want Anyone Near Stormi


Kylie wanted to take care of her daughter all by herself and she even tried to do so. But she it was very hard for alone to many everything she finally hired a nanny to help her out with Stormi.

Both Travis And Kylie Are Very Careful Around Stormi


When it comes to Stormi Kylie is very protective. She doesn’t allow people to meet her without wearing a mask. Since Stormi very young and very sensitive she does not want her to get any sort of infection. Stay tuned to see the latest photo of baby Stormi on next page…