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Diggy is kinda’ cute, right.. Well sorry to let you know that he is considered to be a ‘Dumb Ass’ for most.


Season 13 of The Bachelorette is about Rachel Lindsay’s journey to love. Since she was a fan favorite, I’m not at all surprised that she has a whopping 31 men hailing to take that journey with her. One of these Bachelor’s is ‘Diggy’ & you do want to know what’s up gonna come.  The 31-year-old  “Diggy” has figured out that first impressions are best ways to get into Rachel’s (and the viewers’) good graces. We too hope the same.

 Rob – Law Student


The chocolate looking guy of 30(y) has been playing the role of a Law student, states to be yet single & ‘girls’ hold on, he is not committed to anyone, so may be a chance to any girl of his type. He say’s he’s a good traveler ever since he joined the college & traveled overseas like China, Taiwan, Peru, Spain.