The Bachelorette Star Reveals Death By Cancer

The Bachelorette show has been running successfully for years and no wonder it has enticed its fans for years. The show has a big fandom and now wonder so do its stars. While what we see on the show is always not true. A lot of stars have their own share of personal problems while they shoot for the show and one cannot really predict they have something going on behind the scenes. In a recent revelation, a star from the show has described a tragic death by cancer. Read more to know what happened.

Death of Georgia Love’s Mother


Somethings are just unexpected and come out of nowhere. Her mom Belinda heartbreakingly passed on one day after Georgia Love picked Lee Elliot on The Bachelorette.

Beau’s Support



Also, now the 28-year-old has recalled how her lover upheld her through her unbelievable loss amid their second night together as a couple.

Her Condition After The Shock



Speaking for the podcast, Georgia explained and said ‘Our second night as a couple was spent with him literally holding me as I screamed and shook for hours and hours and hours.’

Georgia Explained About Lee


Georgia was touched by the things Lee was doing for her and said “he didn’t freak out, he stepped up, he messaged everybody I knew that day to say, “Hi, I’m Lee, I’m Georgia’s boyfriend, I’m just letting you know that this has happened” Click next to read more about Georgia and lee.