Beauty And Elegance Redefined By The ‘Queen Of Dark’

Racism is a mistake of the past that should be abolished now, but still there are many places where people still use it. In the midst of such harsh racism this 'Queen of Dark' is redefining the meaning of beauty. Read the article to know how she is doing that....

Racism is a stupid mistake, the ancestors of this human world have been committing for a really long time. It should have been long gone by now, but there still are instances where people feel the negativity of it. However, here’s the “Queen of the dark” fighting the orthodoxy, and winning with style! Read on to know, how did she do it!

Nayakim Gatwech the ‘Queen of the dark’


This is Nayakim Gatwech. She’s a 24 year old girl from South Sudan, whose making the internet go crazy over her beauty.

A symbol of beauty.



Nyakim is on a mission to break the stereotypical thinking which considers only white as beautiful. Nyakim believes that her skin color is not a fact to be ashamed of but is a symbol of her beauty. Keep reading to know more about the stunning beauty.