Bella Hadid Appears To Throw Shade At Zayn Malik

The showbiz world is dominated by discussion of Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik’s split. So fans will without a doubt be pleased to see her sister Bella has stood up since the part as she took to Instagram to share a snap under which she posted the inscription: ‘I’ll be right here’ a lyric from his song “Dawn till dusk”. The model has been quiet till now on the news of their split but finally broke out on Instagram.

Few Days After The Breakup


It’s been almost a week now since the couple broke out the news about their break to their fans on Twitter, but the fallout continues.

Still An Eye On Zayn



After their decision of breaking up, Zayn is no longer following Gigi. However, Gigi is keeping an eye on him.

Avoided The Media Firestorm


Though there has been so much shuffling going on in social media, the couple gracefully publicized their split before the media could ask any type of questions.

Rekindle This Relationship


Those close to Zayn and Gigi still believe that they just lost romance in their relationship and wanted some time alone. There are possibilities that they rekindle their this relationship some day. Click next to know what Gigi’s little sister has to say about the breakup