Bella Hadid And Ex The Weeknd Make Out In Front Of Guests At Cannes

It’s common for the Hollywood A-listers to break up and get back with their exes. However, sometimes there are so many nasty fights before the split or cheating scandals surface which render the possibility of the partner to get together in future useless. But in rare circumstances when the parted duo gets back then they don’t care about anyone else. Bella Hadid and ex-The Weeknd have just proven it with a steamy session in front of people. Read more to know what happened.

Bella Hadid is always surrounded by Paparazzi due to her whooping fan following


Bella Hadid originally known as Isabella Khair Hadid is an American fashion model. Bella Hadid has a stunning Instagram account which has a shocking, around 15 million followers. Being one of the most famous models out there, Bella is not just followed on social media but also followed out there in real life by paparazzi.

Bella was dating the famous singer The Weeknd but their relationship did not last long



The duo split back in November 2016 because of their bustling careers yet remained companions, they even shared the stage in front of an audience at Victoria’s Secret Fashion show.

The Weeknd then went on dating Selena Gomez after Bella


The Canadian performer quickly dated pop artist Selena Gomez after his separation with Bella. Be that as it may, their 10-month relationship finished in October 2017, with Selena backpedaling to her ex Justin Bieber.

The ex-couple was now spotted in a reunion steamy session


Both Bella and The Weeknd were seen together at the Cannes party and were seen displaying careless PDA in front of guests. Find out pictures on the next page.