The Best Hilarious Gym Fails Of All Times

We’ve all observed it-you’re at the gym hard when out of the blue you see somebody using the equipment in a weird and silly way. It’s one thing to have a poor shape while you’re down or doing deadlifts, yet these people genuinely do not understand what they’re doing. From the person who doesn’t know what the lat pulldown machine is for, to somebody wearing high heels on a treadmill, these are the most noticeably bad with regards to exercise and gym fails.

1. Ready For Ninja Warrior


When you are all prepared to accomplish a task but somehow you manage to screw it up in the gym, this is what happens. be careful my friend, you may get hurt.

2. This Is Why Proper Footwear Is The Key



You must have proper shoes when you go to the gym, otherwise, this is what you are going to experience when you walk on the treadmill.

3. That’s Not How You Leg Press


When you first time go to the gym your trainer will tell you to do leg press, but you are clueless. This is not how you leg press, my friend, you’ll hurt your back.

4. I Can’t Even..


What is he trying to do? If you people come to know about it let me know because this is really a pain in the eyes. Click next for more such gifs.