Best And Worst Moments Of 2018 Oscars

The Oscar fever is on these days and the internet is full of talks about Oscar. From the best films to best moments at the grand event, a lot is shared. And if you belong to the category of people who did not take time out on an amazing night with a bowl of popcorn hooting for your favorite, need not worry. Here is a rounded list of the best as well as worst moments at the 90th Oscars.

1. Kobe Bryant and Leonardo DiCaprio


We now face a daily reality such that Kobe Bryant and Leonardo DiCaprio have the SAME number of Oscars.

2. A Fantastic Women Movie



A Fantastic Woman not just manages a trans lady’s educational encounters however it likewise really stars a trans performer! This is an enormous first for the Academy Awards, and we couldn’t be more joyful.

3. The first transgender person to present at the Academy Awards


The star of A Fantastic Woman, Daniela Vega, likewise impacted the world forever this year by being the first transgender individual to present at the Academy Awards.

4. Rachel Shenton used sign language


While this wasn’t the first occasion when that champ managed their discourse in gesture-based communication, it’s still truly uncommon. The Silent Child won the Academy Award for Best Short Film. Click next.