Big Sean’s Ex-Ariana Grande Speaks About Big Sean’s Cheating Rumors!

Recently speculations were made about the famous Rapper Big Sean and singer Jhene Aiko breaking up after rumors of Big Sean cheating on Jhene were out. Jhene seemed to believe the rumors and unfollowed the rapper on Twitter. This created many fake stories on the internet and it was about time the rapper Big Sean decided to step in and cleared the air with his statement. When all the things seemed to calm down a new revelation came to light. Singer Ariana Grande commented on the entire drama and everyone is not eager to know what happens next. See what Ariana had to say about this.

Ariana believes Big Sean did cheat on Jhene with Nicole!


A source close to Ariana explains, “Ariana is not surprised at all that Sean may have been cheating on Jhene with Nicole. Ariana found Sean selfish, narcissistic and self-absorbed while they were dating. Ariana felt like Sean needed a lot of attention from not just her, but from other women too.”

It was no surprise for Ariana…


The source further explained, “So, Ariana believes that Sean would be at least flirting with Nicole, if not more, while still in a relationship with Jhene because that is what he did with her too. Ariana believes the rumors about Sean and Nicole, which makes Ariana feel bad for both Sean and Jhene because Sean has not changed. She thinks he can be a dog, and he has a lot of maturing to do still.”


Big Sean finally speaks up to defend himself…


The American rapper responded saying, “Well, it’s not true at all. Y’all wasted no time though telling me how much I ain’t s**t tho with no doubt in your mind… cause the internet said so? Thanks for the support. But truly it’s all love only, I have no time to hate or judge anybody!”