Blac Chyna’s Six Flags Fight Was Expected States The Kardashian Family-“Not Surprised” At All!

The lawsuit slammed by Blac Chyna on the entire family had created enough stir on the internet. Blac Chyna alleged that the Kardashian’s wanted to torpedo her reality TV show so she would no longer able to compete against them “as an entrepreneur and social media influencer.” It seems Blac likes to divert attention by getting into trouble. This Easter too she created a sensational scene at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, Calif and the Kardashian family is not all surprised with it. Read more to find out what happened.

Fight At Six Flag


Blac Chyna had a big fight in Six Flags and all are going crazy over it. How can it be possible if Blac is in headlines and the Kardashians don’t react to it?

Blac Involved In A Fight With Unidentified Women



On this Sunday 1st April, Blac, who is Rob Kardashian’s ex-was filmed getting involved in a fight with an unidentified woman at six flag magic mountain in Valencia, Calif.

Blac With Kids


Blac went to an amusement park with her kids. Her son King Cairo and daughter Dream Kardashian accompanied her to the park, where Blac was also involved in a fight.

Kardashian’s Reaction


She being Rob Kardashian’s ex, they had to react to Blac’s moves. Blac has been really like that from long back. “Nobody is surprised to see what happened,” Kardashian family reaction to the fight. What actually Kardashians are worried about? Click next to read about it.