Black Woman Accused Of Fraud After Buying Louis Vuitton At Saks Fifth Avenue

Dana Hale and her 24-year-old daughter, Paris, went to a Saks store in Troy, Michigan on Dec. 21 to get some shopping done.After buying some high-end Louis Vuitton designer bags, a belt, a keychain and Christmas gifts. Something shocking happened to the lady who was casual shopping.Stay tuned to read more about Hale and Paris.


Dana Hale who was out shopping for Christmas with her daughter was belittled and embarrassed while purchasing items from Saks Fifth Avenue for the holidays.

Saks On Fifth Avenue In Michigan



Louis Vuitton at Fifth Avenue in Michigan is very famous for Christmas shopping where a woman and her daughter were also doing their Christmas shopping.

Shopping Of  High-End Louis Vuitton


Dana Hale bought $6,731 worth of Louis Vuitton bags, a belt, a keychain and Christmas gifts.Which she paid half with her business card and the rest paid in cash and continued her shopping.

Hale Continued Her Shopping


After shopping bags, a belt etc the clerk told her she could keep her purchases with her as she continued shopping, which Hale did. And started to check out some sunglasses.You won’t believe what happened next read more to know about Hale.